Dear friends and participants,

To our deep regret, we have to let you know that there will be no more WALP.

This is for personal reasons only.

After more than 12 years together (mostly wonderful years), we have come to the end of our relationship.  WALP has always been something we did as partners - and neither of us can imagine doing it without the other.

We want you all to know that it was always with great love that we organised the WALP conferences over the years - 8 International Women's SM conferences between 1997 and 2006, where we were able to welcome more than 1000 participants to our workshops and dungeons.

WALP was a major factor in the birth and growth of an international European women's SM network that now supports two other annual SM events for women (in Manchester, England & Berlin/Hamburg, Germany). We both deeply hope that this network will grow stronger over time and will never come undone.

We also dearly hope that some other organiser might want to pick up the torch in Amsterdam.  If such a thing happens, we will contact all of you via the mailing list, and make sure you have the opportunity to participate.

We direct everyone to the two up-and-running conferences in
Berlin and Manchester and to the SchMacht! network.

Creating and hosting WALP has been excitement and inspiration for both of us.  
We thank you all for being a part of it.

Tania & Denya